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Recent Activities

Our Agency has established US branch company

WANG BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, LTD.,OUR WHOLLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY,has been founded on Jan. 30, 2018, being located at 126 Family Tree, Irvine, California 92618, USA.


US reporter Michael XU from US Newspaper, VISION TIMES, had an exclusive interview with our president WANG Jinglin in December, 2017. He disclosed his news report on VISION TIMES (US Newspaper published in Chinese), titled “Create the Most Convenient Channel to Make Full Intellectual Property Cooperation between US and China”, Total Issue No. 620, E8, Jan. 12-18, 2018.


The US reporter Michael XU regards our plan so important to USA as to also publish his new report on PART OFUSA TODAY NETWORK: Daily Record, a US Newspaper published in English, titled “Originate A Cheaper, Better Alternative Channel To Apply For Patents Abroad”A6, Feb. 3, 2018


Our Southern California office enables us, with our unprecedented innovation, to create a seamless operation in servicing clients between the U.S. and China, thus eliminating the need to engage sub-contractors, which in turn saves time and money for our clients. Therefore, the cost of patent application can be greatly reduced; the quality of patent applications will also be significantly increased.


When the cost of a patent application is reduced, many companies who used to feel discouraged to apply for patents can now take advantage of ournew process; the market will grow considerably.


We conducted a market demand survey of Chinese companies applying for U.S. patents, and found that Chinese companies showed a high willingness to utilize our "business project". Among the respondents, 50-60% of large enterprises, 70-80% of medium-sized enterprises, and 80-90% of small businesses expressed intentions to apply for U.S. patents with our business project. With a large demand from China, our U.S. office will have plenty of business, creating many jobs.


We will deploy our unique business method patent application methodology (Filing No. 15/706,775, Filing Date: Sept. 18, 2017; US2018/0033104A1, Pub. Date: Feb. 1, 2018).

We have 20 years of expertise for providing patent application services to US companies.

We could assist many Chinese businesses invest in the United States.

We greatly reduce cost of applying for Chinese patents, many more American SMEs and start-ups would feel more secure to do business in China, now that their IP is protected.


The demand is already there, so we are simply meeting an existing need. We foresee WANG BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, LTD. to thrive quickly, and plan to open more branch offices in other U.S. cities to create jobs in America and pay taxes to the U.S.