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WANG always welcomes the most competitive IP attorneys. WANG always welcomes interns who are native English speakers or American born Chinese.


WANG is just the agency of some very famous IP litigations in China, especially, WUHAN JINGYUAN Co. v. HUAYANG and JP FKK Co., which is the first and only one case that the Chinese Supreme People Court has ever been conducted to trial.


WANG lowers costs by management innovations, and guarantees high quality work and quick service.


WANG has very experienced attorneys who still provide services to clients personally.


WANG has international clients from US, EP, JP, KR, AU, CA, SG, etc.


WANG also has some Chinese domestic clients who do business internationally.


WANG always welcomes new foreign associates,always would like to serve foreign companies, and

always invites native English speakers to join our firm.


WANG is named with the personal name of the founder himself (which is rare in China although it is very popular in the world), i.e. our firm guarantees that we always do quality work, otherwise, the reputation of the founder himself could be sacrificed.


WANG is always to do our best to lower the costs for our clients, for example, everyone of our firm knows his/her duty very well, our managing personnel is less, that is why our management costs are lower; in addition, our working cost is also lower for only our meeting and filing office is located at a very luxury office building, while our attorneys do their work at nearby, clean, quiet, comfortable, and economic office building.


WANG is with attorneys and staff who do everything very carefully, for example, when we do patent translations, we always ask clients to explain any ambiguous wordings and check again any possible typing mistakes, etc., so our Chinese translation keeps perfect. And we often recommend the clients to accept our amendment solution according to the Chinese patent practice to broaden scope of protection.


WANG always welcome intern who are English speaker, be fond of his/her job, andhappy to travel around the world; and who learns basic law knowledge by working as a paralegal, andmeet clients of US, EP, AU, CA at vacations together with our attorneys.