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China Net:

China Distinguished IP Agency President WANG Jinglin is invited to be Visiting Professor of Xihua University

by Beiguo Reporter HAO Yun and Editor YU Jiahua, Beijing Local Time: July 6, 2018 14:25:08



China Net::

An Original Business Model for Developing High Quality Economics is Available


by reporter XUE Feng, Beijing Local Time 11:01:04, May 22, 2018


China Net:

To Meet Requirement of High Quality Economics, Original Business Methods are Developed


exclusive interview from reporter SHI Yinghao, Beijing Local Time 16:16, May 24, 2018


China Net:

Eminent Achievements Originated from Mother’s Love


exclusive interview from reporter QI Le, Beijing Local Time 14:10:08, Jan. 12, 2018